At their most fundamental level, CSAs are a relationship of mutual support and commitment between farmers and community members. Farms provide a weekly delivery of sustainably grown produce to consumers during the growing season and those consumers, in turn, pay a membership fee. By paying for your produce up front, you help farmers insure a market for their crops, which is one of the most difficult and risky aspects of farming.

Our Model

The main difference between our multi-farm CSA program here at FRESHFARM, and most traditional models, is that we work with several farmers at a given participating farmers market (Foggy Bottom, Penn Quarter, Ballston or City Center). For many of our farmers, managing their own CSA program is prohibitive, both logistically and in terms of providing enough product and variety. Our model guarantees stable income for the farmers each week - income they can count on regardless of the weather and how many shoppers show up. Like a traditional CSA, our model provides farmers an outlet for crops that they otherwise might have a hard time selling at market. The benefit for you is more variety, the opportunity to try produce from several farms and meet the farmers that grow your produce at market each week!

Our program will be a full season 20 share CSA, running for 23 weeks from the third week of May until the third week of October. The reason for our program lasting 23 weeks rather than 20, is to give you three days to opt out of picking up a share if you're out of town or unable to come by for whatever reason. 

Sizes & Values

After the first two weeks, if you decide that your share is either too big or too small, we are happy to let you switch to a size that matches you and your family's eating patterns better.

Full Share - Will include 8-10 varietals of produce each week. This option is designed to feed a family of 4 or a couple with an appetite heavy on veggies.

From $700/$35 per week

Medium Share -  Will include 5-7 varietals of produce each week. This option is designed to feed a household of two. Members will receive a smaller portion of produce than the Full Share, but over the entire season, will receive most or all of the available produce during the season.

From $500/$25 per week

*** An added cost of $5.00 will be added to contribute toward our CSA bags

A Typical Share


Picking Up Your Share

At Market - Come pick your share up from your chosen market during the predetermined pick-up hours (Thirty minutes after market opens till thirty minutes before market closes)


If you know you will be out of town, you can send a friend, neighbor, co-worker or other acquaintance to claim your share for the week. All shares that are not picked up will be donated to a local food bank at the end of market. 



All add-on items are sold upfront - like our CSA shares - and will be included every week with your CSA share. Please call us if you wish to add more than one add-on to your share 



Bread - Add a loaf of freshly baked bread to your CSA pick-up each week. Breads will vary from sourdough baguettes and whole wheat loaves to jalapeno cheddar boule and  Irish soda bread.

Rotational Market Treat - Sign up to have a treat from market added to your share each week. Treats are thoughtfully picked out by Market Managers and may include honey, jam, cider, pickles, pasta sauce, cheese, flowers, etc. 

Eggs - Add a dozen farm-fresh eggs to your weekly pick up. Add-on eggs will be sourced from farmers at market.

Dairy - Our dairy add-on will include milk, cheeses, butter, yogurt and other dairy products, all of which will be provided on a rotational basis, depending on the availability at certain markets. 



Newsletter - Each week you can expect to pick up a newsletter full of information about your farmers, produce, share, or other relevant information. Newsletter will be archived on this webpage if you want to access them upon a later date.


Recipes - Each week you can look forward to new recipes that are tailored for the produce in your share. You can check this webpage after 7:00 pm two days before your share pick-up date to find out what will be included in your upcoming share.