The FRESHFARM Share program, formerly called the CSA, is the most convenient way to support local farmers and food artisans in the mid-Atlantic region. At five participating FRESHFARM Markets, we curate a weekly selection of fresh produce and other locally made goods (such as bread, eggs, or dairy) for subscribers to pick up during market hours. This is a great option for busy families and urban professionals with limited time, and takes the guesswork out of shopping at a farmers market. Each week, you'll get a bag of the season's very best, at a great price.

Our Model

In the past, we've called the FRESHFARM Share our "CSA program". While a CSA is the closest analogy, it's not exactly accurate to call what we do a CSA program. In a traditional CSA (which stands for Community Supported Agriculture), subscribers pay an individual farmer up front for the entire growing season. This provides the financial security that farmers need to have a successful season, regardless of what might happen with weather or crops, and provides the capital to invest in improvements to the farm. What we do is pretty different, but in the same spirit as a CSA. At each of our five participating FreshFarm Markets, our staff curates a bag of produce and other local goods from multiple farmers and producers that sell at those markets. This still provides our farmers with a guaranteed revenue stream, no matter how the market day goes, but it spreads the benefit out across all the farmers at a given market, and provides a better variety for subscribers. 

The FRESHFARM Share program will last from mid-May through the end of October. You can choose to subscribe to a half-season (12 weeks) or a full season (24 weeks).

Sizes & Values

We offer two different sizes of FRESHFARM Share to meet your needs. This year, we're also offering you the option to subscribe for a half-season or the full season. If you subscribe to a half-season, you'll be able to renew if you wish to continue for the remainder of the season. The first half-season will be May 17-August 6. The second half-season will be August 16-October 29.

Large Share - Will include 8-10 varietals of produce each week. This option is designed to feed a family of 4 or a couple with an appetite heavy on veggies.

($480 for 1/2 season; $960 for full season.)

$20/week for SNAP/EBT customers

Regular Share - Will include 5-7 varietals of produce each week. This option is designed to feed a household of two, or one person who eats a lot of veggies.

($360 for 1/2 season; $720 for full season.)

$15/week for SNAP/EBT customers.

Picking Up Your Share

At Market - Come pick your share up from your chosen market during that market's operating hours. See our Locations page.


If you know you will be out of town, you can send a friend, neighbor, co-worker or other acquaintance to claim your share for the week. All shares that are not picked up will be donated to our Gleaning Partners at the end of market. 



All add-on items are sold upfront - like our Farm Shares - and will be included every week with your share. Availability may vary by market. 



Market Treat - Sign up to have a rotational treat from market added to your share each week. Treats are thoughtfully picked out by Market Managers and may include honey, jam, cider, pickles, pasta sauce, cheese, flowers, pastries, etc. 


Newsletter - Each week you can expect a newsletter full of information about your farmers, producers, and the Farm Share. 


Recipes - Each week you can look forward to new recipes that are tailored for the produce in your share.